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Development Direction

Aiming for the focus and directions of academic research, our department combines the expertise of our faculties and plans the Developmental Focus to achieve progress in theories and applications simultaneously. The following points are the proximate, intermediate and future stages of Developmental Focus in our researches respectively:

A. Proximate Developmental Focus and Directions in Researches

1. Probability and Statistics

Statistics is an essential tool for every scientific-analytical center. And due to the recent advancement in computer technology and development of various software applications, Statistical methods and tools have also become more powerful. In addition, several fields have used Statistic as their fundamental tool in quantitative analysis, such as Industry Productions, Decisions Management, Biological and Medical researches and etc. In Computer Science, Statistics and Probability can also be used as methods in solving issues like Cryptography Security and Artificial Neural Network. In terms of Industrial Statistics, we will put our emphasis on Stochastic Control Theory, designing the experiment for Taguchi Methods and reliability research. And about Biostatistics, we will coordinate our courses with the research in epidemic, building the models for populated infectious diseases and genetic diseases, creating biological and medical statistics for clinical trials and exploring Numerical Taxonomy and Theoretical Ecology.

2. Operations Research

Recently, Operations Research has been broadly applied to the Industry, Commercial Business and Transportation. For example, Mathematical Programming offers great solutions for finding optimization in Decision Analysis and Economic Cost-Benefit Analysis. In addition, Stochastic Processes are also very well-applied in building Dynamic Mathematical Models. But currently, Taiwan’s academic is still quite weak on this field. Therefore, our department will take the following steps for increasing our strength in this field:

  1. Arrange courses like Decision Theory, Stochastic Process, Mathematical Programming and Operations Research in the Optional Courses. For the students who are interested, they can take the courses and write Doctoral Thesis if they decide to pursuit further study.
  2. Provide the actual problems the students may face for their chances to understand and prove what they have learned.

3. Intelligent Numerical Computation

The main direction of the Numerical Computation is to develop effective Large Linear System calculation method, Nonlinear System calculation method, calculation for Artificial Neural Network and the analysis and application in various data and signal of Machine Learning. Focusing on the practice, we will also increase students’ abilities in using various computers (like Digital Computer and Parallel Computer), programming and utilizing calculation software.

4. Cryptography

Due to the rise of computer and internet, Cryptography is developing very rapidly and the mathematical tools it uses become more enormous and complex. Hence, it has become an important branch of Information Science and Applied Mathematics. Also, its applications are not limited only to the information security of national defense agencies, financial institutions and other large organizations. They also have inseparable relations with personal-related information like ID verifications, internet tax services and online shopping. Moreover, we also arrange courses like Software Implementations and Computation Experiments, Introduction to Cryptosystems, Algebraic Cryptology, Programming of Algebraic Structures and Programming of Public Key Systems. These courses will help those who are interested enter the research fields of Cryptography through theories and practices.

B. Intermediate & Future Developmental Focus and Directions in Researches

1. Continue the development of the existing research groups and strengthen the cooperation with the associated research groups within and outside the campus

2. Continue the researches in Artificial Neural Network and Optimization, developing their applications in Data Mining and Information Technology

3. Continue the researches in Cryptographic Computation, Information Security and Graph Theory, and designed their related researches in the application of Internet Security

4. Develop the researches in Game Theory, Financial Statistics and Actuarial Sciences

5. Develop the researches in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics