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Admission Enrollment

Have you ever spent a good deal of your sleeping and meal time attempting to solve some difficult questions? Do you still feel uncertain about applying a job in the business of Information Technology, Finance, Corporate Management, Stock Analysis, Statistics Studies and Opinion Poll? Do you feel curious, but know little, about the various data and analysis reports the news media and magazines have offered? Are you interested in Mathematics but worried about its path in future career? If one of your answers to the questions above is a “YES”, then the Applied Mathematics Department in NDHU is probably your best choice.

If you are passionate about this field that crosses between theory and practice; if you desire to walk on the path of geniuses and explore the limitations of human knowledge on the shoulders of the giants: the Department of Applied Mathematics is a perfect study environment for you. Graduate School and Doctoral School are also founded for decades, along with the Undergraduate School. With professional lecturers, outstanding professors, brilliant senior students and the fresh environment of Huatung Valley, the Applied Mathematics Department in NDHU will certainly offers you an extraordinary college life.

Still feeling not sure about applying for the aforementioned careers? Well, it is fine for you to be uncertain because you may know little about them. And it remains unknown whether or not these jobs will continue to be popular after your graduation. Therefore, the Applied Mathematics Department can offer you a chance to research and find out more information about them. In addition to strengthening the fundamental knowledge about Mathematics, we also encourage our students to take courses from other fields. And in order to offer the students a variety of studying choices, our university has adopted the Course Regulations of Implementing Program Module since 2007. Students can choose to take courses and obtain knowledge from other departments and institutes. Then, you can figure out more details about those fields as well as your courses in Mathematics. If you are interested, you can also choose to continue your study of other fields and apply their graduate schools. And some of the common subjects in the entrance examination include Calculus, Linear algebra, Probability and Statistics and etc. Those subjects are often very difficult comprehend. Yet, we are the specialists in those subjects, and we will help you understand the essence in them, making you a formidable opponent to other competitors in the exam.

Modern Society is a society about numbers. From the natural phenomena of the weather, the fluctuation in finance and economy, to the preferences in public opinions are all collected, managed and demonstrated in the form of data. Consequently, making the best use of computer and information technology became the basic qualities of the modern people. In our department, student can learn to use computer programming languages, the synopsis of Information Technology and the understandings and practice in mathematics and statistics. These courses will literally let you “play” computer and make the data genuinely “talk” to you.

Like other interesting and practical professions, applied mathematics is definitely not an easy field. But don’t worry! We have the best teachers for you! All our professors are exceptionally talented in this field and our nation. Besides their constant research, they are all willing to teach, motivate and discuss with their students about their problems, regardless of matters inside or outside the classroom. Like the students, several young teachers also reside within the campus. And many of them will spend their time playing sports, studying their research and have some chats together. In addition to schoolwork, they are also very concern about the life and the career plan of students, and causing good influences on students’ learning attitudes. Moreover, we also frequently invite foreign and local scholars to have speeches and discussions. Furthermore, we have also held academic curriculum and the Applied Mathematics’ Week, continuing to keep in touch with the latest studies and solving new problems. Thus, studying in the field of applied mathematics is never alone in Huatung Valley.

You don’t need to be a mathematician in Mathematics Department. But when it comes to Mathematics Department, Applied Mathematics Department is your best choice, especially the Applied Mathematics Department in NDHU. This may not be an ordinary choice. And studying Mathematics is certainly not an easy path, but it will be definitely worth the effort. Just give yourself a chance and wish for an extraordinary future!