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主講人:林聖軒 教授 (交通大學統計所)

講 題:多重有序因果中介效應分析之廣義模型

時 間:108 年 11月 08日 (星期五) 15:10-17:00

地 點:理工一館 A324 教室 (大會議室)

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Causal mediation analysis has shown the advantage of mechanism investigation. Under conditions with causally ordered mediators, path-specific effect (PSE) is introduced for specifying the effect mediated by a certain combination of mediators. However, most of PSEs are unidentifiable. To address this issue, an alternative approach, called interventional analogue of PSE (iPSE), is widely applied to effect decomposition. Previous literatures for multiple mediators mainly focused on discussing the case of two mediators due to the complexity of the mediation formula. A generalized method under the settings with the arbitrary number of mediators is attractive to study the causal parameter identification as well as statistical estimation. This paper proposed a generalized interventional approach to discussing the effect mediated by ordered multiple mediators. It provides a general definition of iPSE by a recursive formula, assumptions for non-parametric identification, and a regression-based method and a G-computation algorithm to estimate all iPSEs. This approach is applied to a Taiwanese cohort study for exploring the mechanism among hepatitis C virus on mortality through hepatitis B Virus, liver unction, and hepatocellular carcinoma.


Keyword: mediation analysis, causal inference, causally ordered multiple mediator, g-computation algorithm.



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時間 : 15:10-17:00
講師 : 林聖軒教授
地點 : 理工一館A324
演講日期 : 108年11月08日