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【應數系演講-108-10-18】From Conjecture To Theorem


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主講人:Dr. Wu Chiang Chen (蘭陽技術學院)

講 題:From Conjecture To Theorem

時 間:108 年 10月 18日 (星期五) 15:10-17:00

地 點:理工一館 A318 教室

摘  要

The Collatz conjecture is said to be the simplest open problem. It is a fun quiz game to surprise our friends as anyone with knowledge of elementary mathematics can easily understand the question. Although plenty of findings have been provided in scientific research papers when the conjecture was first proposed in 1937, there is no complete evidence to prove it is true, nor is there any counterexample to suggest it is incorrect.

In this presentation, I will lead you to identify the Collatz conjecture in a clear and comprehensible way. Meanwhile, I will bring forward some findings of the Collatz process and the Collatz tree, and hope that through the expressions and partitions of non-negative integers, we can provide complete evidence for solving this world-famous long-standing unsettled problem.



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名稱 : 【應數系演講-108-10-18】From Conjecture To Theorem
時間 : 15:10 - 17:00
講師 : Dr. Wu Chiang Chen
地點 : 理工一館 A318
演講日期 : 108年10月18日