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【應數系演講-107-05-25】A covariate-adjusted classification model for multiple biomarkers in disease screening and diagnosis


專    題    演    講

主講人:Prof. Wei-Wen Hsu

             Department of Statistics, Kansas State University

  題: A covariate-adjusted classification model for multiple biomarkers in disease screening and diagnosis

  間:107 05 25 (星期五)  15:20-17:00

  點:理工一館 A324會議

摘 要

The classification methods based on linear biomarker combinations have been wellestablished and widely used to improve the accuracy in disease screening and diagnosis. However, it is seldom to include covariates such as gender and age at diagnosis into these classification procedures. It is known that some covariates are often associated with biomarkers or patient outcomes in practice, therefore the inclusion of covariates may further increase the power of prediction and improve the classification accuracy. In this paper, a covariate-adjusted classification model for multiple biomarkers is proposed. Technically, it is a two-stage model with a parametric or non-parametric approach to combine multiple biomarkers first, and then incorporating covariates with the use of maximum rank correlation estimators. Specifically, these parameter coefficients associated with covariates can be estimated by maximizing the area under the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve. The asymptotic properties of these estimators in the model are also provided.An intensive simulation study is conducted to evaluate the performance in finite sample sizes, and the gene data for early detection of colorectal cancer are used to illustrate the proposed methodology.

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時間 : 15:20-17:00
講師 : Wei-Wen Hsu
地點 : 理工一館A324會議室
性質 : 演講
演講日期 : 107年05月25日